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Deeply restful and resetting day retreats for women and female entrepreneurs, if you want to restore yourself to factory settings and regain some control over this modern hectic life.

My WELLNESS RETREATS are intimate spaces ideal for you if you want to switch off, relax and find peace as you begin to deepen your awareness of your stressors and anxieties, and find bespoke tools that you can take forward into your life! 


These small group sessions will help you get more in touch with your inner world and find understanding and appreciation for yourself using journaling, meditation, breathwork, affirmations and movement to support you gently as you continue to build your resilience and tools for this modern hectic world. 


If you are curious about finding more balance but not quite sure how, this is a great place to start to slowly begin to unwind. 

Check out the current retreats below, and grab a spot to start feeling better today.

Thinking about exploring my self paced courses, click below.

Looking to revisit my one to one offerings...

If you have more questions or want to see if we are a good fit, book a consultation below and let's chat.

I had developed OCD and anxiety from the first birth and was having a lot of trouble sleeping. Some times no sleep at all some times 2 hours. It was hard being honest about this as men are not meant to complain more than their wives following childbirth lol but there was no doubt about the impacts of our first sons birth on my mental health.  Heather changed all that literally in one session!!  I'm really serious.  It was one session with the rewind technique and I was sleeping all night next to my wife, no OCD or anxiety.

Ben - Trauma

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