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Finance & Business literacy for female entrepreneurs if you're looking to expand WITHOUT exhaustion.

Is your business running your life?  Have business finances got you stressed out?  Maybe you just don’t understand what you need to do or when,  or what’s going wrong and how to change it? Or maybe you're totally burned out and looking for another way to thrive, and not just survive.


You are not alone.


In a world that covet’s fast paced, quick gain, high level, boss babe strategy’s it’s hard to find the help you need that’s specific to you.  But it can be done, and this is where I come in.


What if we could take the guesswork out of finance, business and growth so you could expand without exhaustion?  What if we could help you find the true drivers for your life and business, and help you align your business with those goals? What if we could help you understand what your finance numbers mean, what ones are important and why and design a bespoke pack and plan for you and your business growth, whilst breaking down any imposter syndrome and thought barriers you have, building your confidence and self-belief along the way?

Sound good?  Read on...

If you are ready to make your business work for you, without the burnout, here's how I can help.

With 22+ years Finance & Business experience, working from SME’s to large corporations on finance strategy, audit, regulation and growth, and 20+ years experience in coaching, training and drawing out the best in people, AND 6+ years as a change creating Clinical Hypnotherapist, I can help you find CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and SUSTAINABILITY in your business ideas and models, so that you can thrive and not just survive.  And here's how...

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  • Unlock your current business model, what’s working and what’s not?

  • Dismantle corporate & societal programming and re-define your vision of success for you

  • Outline a plan to align your business and create efficiencies so you can live more.



  • Remove the smoke glass mirrors on your business numbers, so you know what’s hot and whats not

  • Identify your specific key performance matrixes for tracking growth against YOUR vision of success

  • Design a kick-ass Management pack for your business, boosting your confidence in your next steps.


  • Shift your mindset and ditch the self sabotaging, imposter syndrome worries, anxieties, triggers and traumas that have been holding you back

  • Re-route your reactions so you can remember who you effin are, boosting your confidence and self-belief to get you back control

  • Build your resilience tools and support for the peaks and pits of life as a business owner 

If any or all of the above is what you need, grab a consultation slot below and let’s chat about how exactly we can help put you back in the driving seat of your business, and your life.


Business audit's, reviews and consultancy to highlight current time draining areas, and the parts of your business that have left you feeling lost, or are no longer working for you.


Growth mindset work, stress proofing, anxiety reducing and impactful 121 sessions work for you and your team; onboarding staff, training & implementation; self-led supportive courses, and in person team building workshops and training


Strategy creation for growth; Fund sourcing/grant sourcing, grant applications & draws; Products/services review, market research and pricing models; Finance and admin set-up, bank linking, process creation; Bespoke Management reporting; Time saving standardisation/automation

and so much more...

1 month  

This is for you if you only need support in one of the Key Stage areas, you’re a great action taker and you are driven to push ahead. 


You’ll get 1x full day deep dive on one Key topic, 1 report with recommendations for that topic, weekday access to me on whatsaap for the month and a close out follow-up on zoom.

Working at home

3 months

This is for you if you want BIG CHANGES in all Key Stage areas, and you want them NOW!  This package helps you and your business move through the 3 stages in real time, and you'll need the time to dedicate to working ON your business, not just IN it.


We'll spend a month on each area, with a half day workshop, follow-up report with recommendations or tools, and a close out catch up each month, to help you're business and mindset move towards a more tailored life.

Writing on Sticky Notes

6 months

This is for you if you want BIG CHANGES, but are spending a lot of time IN your business, and a cheerleader to help push you through to implementation over a longer period is key. 


Each month you will get a half day of my time, a mid-month check-in’s, weekday access to me on Whatsaap, plus access to my resources on all topics to continually support you throughout. 


Our face to face time will be spent  working through the core topics, writing action plans and targets, implementing new structures and finance/business models, and helping you become the most confident part of yourself so you can thrive, with a cheerleader to help keep you on track and accountable for half a year.

Image by Jacob Rice

Ready to get started?  Book a chat below and let's see how we can help you move forward...

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