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Wellness, Therapy, Coaching & Retreats

Supporting you through life's unravelling's, transitions and transformations

“I used to wonder why I did things the way I did, but working through it with you and finding the answer was a revelation!  With your help I now understand myself better, and those around me, I have moved past the unconscious beliefs and it has truly opened up my life”


I'm Heather, and I support woman and families on the big unravelling's, transformations and  transitions in life, motherhood and career - you know the changes that have you feeling like a sheet in the wind, or like you’re spiralling in chaos? (Hello chronic stress, grief, trauma, relationship breakdowns, fertility, motherhood, birth…the list goes on, right)

Yep, that’s what I help with. All of the above and a lot more.

I have personal experience of the fact that the body keeps the score, and I don’t believe that healing is linear or there is a one size fits all - it’s multifaceted and raw, and a 4 body holistic approach is a great way to find balance as a starting point. To help ourselves we need to do more than talk - we need to find our own unique ways to release, reset, move, build, find awareness, create space, and resource ourselves for the peaks and pits of life.



My sessions are rooted in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Trauma Rewind, Neurobiology of Attachment, Neuroplasticity, coaching, cycle awareness, yoga, breathwork, ayervedic nutrition and holding space - and I use a blend of all of these to help you to find your answers and next steps, helping you reconnect within, understand what is driving you and your choices on a deeper level and move past your beliefs, experiences and behaviour patterns that hold you back, so you can transform your life and find balance, peace & joy again!


In this hectic modern world so many of us are finding life tougher than we expected, with every day stresses growing into anxieties, overwhelm and sometimes complete burn out.  And so often we just KEEP GOING without thinking about why we feel the way we do, where our thoughts and patterns come from, or even considering ways to overcome our stresses and anxieties, or acknowledging and dealing with our trauma’s. 


But, all of these things impact



From decision making, to relationships, family life and friendships to career goals – they are ALL impacted by our thoughts, our mindset and our experiences – they can make or break our lives.  But by building your self awareness you can understand why you feel the way you feel, why you do the things you do, and most importantly - what you can do to help put yourself back at the centre of your life.    

And I'm here to show you how!

I know it’s hard to do the work, that taking the first step is always the toughest, that opening up any support or change is scary - but taking small steps, with the best support and I know that you can feel good, bright, balanced and energised for life again.


With over 10 years experience holding space for clients, weaving together both western and holistic therapies to increase their self understanding, maximise their mental health, release trauma, stress, and anxiety, all whilst finding their balance in life again and refocussing them to plan and reach their goals, I have the right programme waiting for you. 


Book a chat and let's see how I can help you.


I specialise in working with people who have gone through, or are going through, life's big transitions - and who may feel a little stressed, overwhelmed, stuck or lost and need some help to find their next step or path.  These transitions include anything from changes in jobs, relationships or friendships, to changes in stages of life from getting married and trying for a baby and the many transitions of motherhood and parenthood.  Or maybe you've suffered the loss of a loved one or a trauma that has left you feeling out of tune with yourself or the world around you.  Whatever you are facing, I can help you understand yourself better, settle your mind and emotions and behaviours that hold you back, and get you back to feeling like YOU.


Have a think about what best describes your needs, then click the link below to read more.  If it's a combination of all of these things, don't worry - all of my sessions are completely bespoke to you:


Whether you are looking for private bespoke therapy, classes and coaching for life, family life or business, or groupwork and retreats, or self paced self work courses, I've got you below to see what's coming up


Highly supportive and impactful therapy and coaching sessions completely bespoke to you and all you need in life to reduce anxiety, stress, overwhelm, trauma and increase confidence, peace and joy - so you can RESET, break through your stressors, triggers and barriers and THRIVE in whatever way you feel is right for you.


Small and highly accountable group or one to one sessions and classes helping you through the cycle of Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth planning & preparation, and the Motherhood & family life transitions, with a focus on reducing trauma and reconnecting the YOU before it all began, with the YOU that's here at each step, and after, your journey to family life.


Small and highly accountable group coaching program helping you to shift your mind and transform your life with a supportive team behind you Seasonal wellness retreats combining all teachings and  following the cycles of nature to help you reconnect, slow down, reset and find balance in life and business with a supportive team behind you Seasonal wellness retreats combining all teachings and  following the cycles of nature to help you reconnect, slow down, reset and find balance in life and business


Individual business and career coaching to define your goals, plan and scale your career or business with balance and integrity at the centre of the work.