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Ready to ditch the anxiety and stresses, so you can make the changes you need to build a life that works for you? 


Find out below how Clinical Hypnotherapy, life and business coaching can help you today.


Mind changing Therapy & Coaching to put you back in the driving seat of your life, and business


I’m Heather, founder of Growth Works, and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Business Strategist, I’m here to put you back in the driving seat so YOU can make the changes you want and need, to build a life, and business, that works for you.

Read more about what we can do together for you, below.

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Change your mind, change your life 

“I used to wonder why I did things the way I did, but working through it with Hypnotherapy and finding the answer was a revelation!  With your help I now understand myself better, and those around me, I have moved past the unconscious beliefs and it has truly opened up my life”


Anxious or stressed, bored and fed-up, dealing with trauma, overwhelm or burnout?  Is your mind holding you back from thriving in life?


Maybe you’re toying with the idea that there must be more to life than this? 


And I’m here to tell you that THERE IS! 


I got you!  With 20+years experience mentoring and coaching, and 5+ years running therapy with people like you, I can help you find the strength and courage to make the changes you need to get back in the driving seat of your life.   Click below for more, and see testimonials from real clients about our work together.

“After session 1 my hopelessness was gone.  By session 2, my confidence was up and I was planning out my future.  I'm so glad I booked our 3 months of work, I cannot believe the changes in me and I'm not the only one who has noticed!”

Career or Business stressing you out?  Looking to grow but business finances are exhausting you?  Imposter Syndrome and low self-belief got you down? You’re maybe feeling like you don’t belong in the boss babe culture business clubs? But what if you’re just working with a strategy for business growth that isn’t bespoke to you, so doesn’t work for you or your business. 


That's where I come in!


With 20+ years experience mentoring and partnering with Entreprenuers, SME’s and corporations, I can help you take the guesswork our of finance, business and growth, so you can expand without the exhaustion.  Click to read how we can work together so you can find the clarity 

“I'm honestly so glad I booked that first consultation - I almost didn't go through with it!  Imagine if I'd let myself hold me back from dealing with this and finding myself again!  It doesn't bear thinking about to be honest.”

YOU deserve to be in the driving seat of your own life and business, and it’s my mission to help you ditch the anxiety, stress, trauma and overwhelm that has been holding you back. 


I’m here to give you permission to CHANGE your mind about things you once held as absolute truths, to spark a CLARITY in your understanding of who you are, and to DRIVE you towards a life and business that is on your own terms!


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Rewind Practitioner, Supervisor for First Aid and a seasoned Business Strategist and Accountant, I know if we applied similar principles to our lives, as we did to our business goals, and re-defined our measures of success away from what society dictated, the questions would be less “What if there was more to life than this”, and more “How much better can I live?”.


These days I support women on life AND business, and if you're ready to move away from fear led decision making, and take back control , head to the ABOUT ME page to read more about what I do, and why.

Ready to explore how I can help?

Whether you are looking for private bespoke therapy, classes or coaching for life, family life or business, or groupwork and retreats, or self paced self work courses, I've got you below to see what's coming up


Gently supportive and impactful therapy and coaching sessions to help you ditch the trauma, anxiety, stress and societal pressures, so you can increase your confidence, peace and joy and THRIVE in a life that feels truly right for you.

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Business coaching to re-define your goals and what's really important to you, and help you plan and scale in a way that makes your business work FOR you whilst avoiding burnout, and with balance and integrity at the centre of the work. 


Life & Business wellness retreats to break you free from the stresses and anxieties of everyday, bringing deep rest and recuperation to your mind and body as we weave intuitive,  seasonal, cycle and mindset work to leave you feeling more able for this modern hectic world

Looking to connect and find out more? Drop a note below and let's chat.

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