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What Clients Are Saying

Heather has given me incredible therapy sessions, equipping me with strategies and helping me to understand how and why I feel the way I do. I felt totally comfortable with Heather and she made me very welcome and at home during our sessions. It’s made a big difference to my life! The facilities are great and Heather is very friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend Heather’s sessions and the other services on offer.

Avery Smith

I cannot recommend Heather highly enough. After a fairly traumatic first birth Heather recommended that we start with a rewind sessions and it was the best thing we did. It allowed us to let go of the pain and negativity we had been carrying for almost 2 years and put us in the right place to start preparing for and looking forward to the upcoming birth. I can honestly say that after 2 years of wanting to cry every time our first sons birth came up I am now at peace with it. After the rewind session we completed the hypnobirthing course. As this was during the covid-19 lockdown all of our sessions were done over zoom, I can only imagine how good it is in person as it was fantastic online. Heather gave us everything we needed to achieve the most amazing, if not perfect (thanks Covid-19), birth. We had the confidence and knowledge to speak up and push for what we wanted. The fact it was during lockdown meant I spent 12 hours in hospital in labour (upto 8 cm) alone but the techniques we had learnt kept both of us calm through out. It was so valuable doing the sessions as a couple as it meant Iain knew exactly what we were aiming for and he was a complete advocate for me during consultant appointments and labour which 100% contributed to the successful VBAC. Heather is so personable and really does go above and beyond; keeping in touch after you have finished the course up until, and after, the birth of your baby. She is there to calm and reassure you if you need it and to point you in the right direction if you have any question, concerns or worries. I really can't recommend her highly enough for anyone who wants to feel knowledgeable and in control of their birth. We will forever be grateful to her and the part she played in me acheiveing a much wanted and healing VBAC.

Skyler Adelson

First of all it's a genuine 5 stars for Heather she is brilliant. I would really recommend her for both her hypno birthing and her therapy. Here's a little about my experience. Im a guy. I wanted nothing to do with our second child's birth. After the first one not going exactly to plan I was hoping to just turn up after it was all done like my dad did and his dad before him.. I had developed OCD and anxiety from the first birth and was having alot of trouble sleeping. Some times no sleep at all some times 2 hours. It was hard being honest about this as men are not meant to complain more than their wives following childbirth lol but there was no doubt about the impacts of our first sons birth on my mental health. Heather changed all that literally in one session!! Im really serious. It was one session with the rewind technique and I was sleeping all night next to my wife, no OCD or anxiety. After another session i was a confident birth partner with a tool box full of tools for the birth of next son. We had four sessions in total and each one not only helped me out and made me a prepared and willing birth partner but also bought us closer together. Every evening after the sessions we would spend time together in a way we had not since the first birth. Coming from Sussex and living in Glasgow I often get mistaken for being sarcastic when I'm speaking genuinely. So in case it's not clear. Heather massively improved our lives together and has fully prepared us for a brilliant home birth. I have recommended her to friends already how have issues around anxiety. If I knew anyone else pregnant I would confidently pass on her details. Men, you shouldn't be worried. This won't be some intence feminist expirance that isolates you. She wants to bring you in and will show you how you can actually be a brilliant birth partner.

Great experience. We recently had our second child, and Heather's input transformed the experience compared to the first. I have to admit I was a little unsure beforehand, however I cannot recomend Heather enough. Thanks!!

I've attended the relaxation classes and also the "Retrain your brain" group and would highly recommend both! The Retrain your brain group is amazing and I would suggest everyone should book on it!

First time I've ever done hypnotherapy and Wow, it's been one of the best decisions I've made. Heather is amazing 🤩 Everyone could benefit from this course and Heather's life changing skills 👌 Thank you 😊

My therapy with Heather has been life changing, I was in such a dark place suffering with PTSD and anxiety, after our sessions I feel like a totally different person and positive in life going forward, talking to a professional was what I needed, I’m so thankful for all your help and HIGHLY recommend her xx

Kris Michaels

It would not be an exaggeration to say that heather has changed our lives. If you are thinking of investing in the 1-2-1 hypnotherapy course, do it! After a traumatic first birth, I have been very apprehensive finding myself pregnant again. Heather's bespoke hypnobirthing course has brought myself and my husband on a journey of acceptance and understanding. We have learned LOADS of new tools and most importantly we are now on the same page, excited about the birth of our second child. Beyond that we are both less anxious, happier people and closer as a couple. Heather is highly skilled, caring and down to earth person. I really cannot recommend her highly enough!

Working with Heather has been life changing. I’ve found out so much about myself and even 6 months later, I am still using the tools and skills that I learnt to unlock new opportunities. We worked out that I was scared of failing and so didn’t usually take chances when they came up. I was taken aback at this discovery but after it sunk in, lots of things made sense. So, since completing my 6 week course with Heather I have signed up for a horticulture course and taken the first exams of the RHS certificate in June, in the middle of the busy season at work because, what’s the worst that can happen?! I use my grounding techniques daily without noticing and I even enjoy the lengthy school run by reframing it as time for me :) Thank you Heather, I would recommend anyone who is living in this busy modern world to invest in themselves, they won’t regret it!

Heather is so sweet, you can really tell she loves what she does and just loves helping people! I had a total of about 3 sessions with her , and she allowed me to take my time (i never felt rushed) Heather is so caring , you can really tell she loves what she does and just loves helping people! She genuinely listened to me all in a comfortable environment.. I highly recommend heather.. thank you

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