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Hi!  I’m Heather - a Finance Professional turned Clinical Hypnotherapist amongst many other things, but you’re just probably wondering how I got from this to this.  Let me fill you in…


We all wear badges every day - ideas and understandings about who we are on a fundamental level, that we have developed and grown throughout our lives, and I believe the best way to understand someone, is to notice the badges they wear.  So what better way to show you who I am, and WHY I do what I do, than by showing you the badges I have worn, and how they have shaped and altered my path in life and business...



A core belief unlocked after a childhood experience left me feeling not good enough to hang around for.  (This doesn't always have to be a big T trauma, the little t trauma's make massive changes on children's belief systems). This led me to become…


A person who puts everyone's needs and wants above their own, for fear of losing people when they realise she was not good enough (see how it links back?).  This led to me becoming…


Being the helper by default, meant taking care of other people's vulnerabilities, and to do that I had to suppress my own.  “Come let me help you - don’t worry about me, I'm fine!”.  With no release or outlet, gently my suppression started to grow, and was compounded by trauma after dramatic experiences left me “knowing” that I can’t rely upon ANYONE, and I was completely on my own.  This led to me being.... 


Because how else would I survive?  Society shows us that safety came in salaries and achievements, so I went from Accounts Junior, to Accountant, to CFO in small and medium sized business, to Finance Business Partner in large corporations, working my way “up the ladder”, to the detriment of my physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Which culminated in…

Stressed, Anxious, Traumatised, Burnt out!

But even then, I didn’t know what I needed to change.  It was only a few years later, after the death of my father, absolutely broken by PTSD and grief, that I realised that I had to tear it all down, and start again.

Faced with the prospect of life altering decisions, and dealing with daily PTSD flashbacks, panic attacks and anxiety, I found myself in a Clinical Hypnotherapist’s chair  with my heart in my hands.


That day I cried for 90 minutes, pouring out all of the badges, beliefs, trauma’s and more.  


And do you know what happened?  I felt lighter.  I felt better.  And I never looked back.  I left that office, and never had another PTSD symptom.  From that moment on.  It was like magic! 

For as long as I can remember, I have supported friends and family during their toughest times, caring for their mental health and coaching them through anxiety, stress, trauma and overwhelm.  In my career, I also worked with Business Owners on financial literacy so they could understand their numbers and grow their businesses.  


Both of the above gave me huge insights in the patterns and behaviours we all display and play in our lives, and I noticed that when we focus our attention in just one place outside of ourselves, the world around us falls.  And often, that comes at a cost of freedom to live a life that you truly enjoy.  


I watched helplessly as business owner after business owner directed all of their attention to their business, and none to their lives.  Just as I watched how human beings suffered, when they focussed only on getting through one specific problem, without looking after themselves as a whole person.  And seeing in real time how unconscious patterns and conditioning we had stored within us created stress, anxiety, trauma and burnout and drove us all, I had an idea.


What if we applied similar principles to our lives, as we did to our business goals? What if success wasn't defined as an “achievement” the way society dictated? What if there was more to life, and better ways to live, and work, than this?


So now I help people exactly like you to take off their badges, work with their trauma’s and triggers, re-route their brain’s responses and build their strength and confidence in what they are capable of - in life and business.


If you want to feel stronger, to understand yourself better, and to stop anxiety, stress, trauma and overwhelm in its tracks - head on over to LIFE or BUSINESS to see how exactly I can help you move forward:

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