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Stress is the bodies' reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure.  And the threat may be a real physical threat, or a perceived threat, and something that can impact our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

We all suffer from stress at points in our life, but understanding how to deal with it the right way for us, to avoid OVERWHELM and BURNOUT, is key.

Check out our video on stress to see if it resonates with how your feeling, and how we can help:


Trauma is such a loaded word, but in reality a trauma is any event which has caused a negative emotional spike in your mind during an experience, and it's laid a new pathway in your brain that may or may not link to things to do with the event.

Trauma can look like stress, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, or it can look like flashbacks, panic attacks or PTSD.


Watch our video below to to see if this fits with you and how what I do can help you move forward.


Anxiety is the body's protection response - imagine a big red button in your mind that says DANGER - when the body feels in danger that button gets pushed and we spring into action to protect ourselves - but sometimes, that button gets stuck, and we can be left feeling in a constant state of anxiety.

When this happens, it can cause big changes to our lives, to our wellbeing, and we need to find a way to switch that button off and reset our minds and bodies.

Watch the video below to see the basics of anxiety and how working with me can help you feel better.


Not sure exactly what's going on?  Maybe overwhelm is the culprit - but how do we know? 


Overwhelm is when we're so full up of all the things we have to do or be, we cannot see a way out.  Often overwhelm comes with low mood, memory issues, feeling flat - or it can come with feelings of stress and anxiety.  Whatever it is, we can help.


Watch the video below to get an idea if this resonates with you and how I can lead you to ditch the overwhelm for good.

Maybe you know what needs to be resolved - or maybe you just know something needs to change...

whatever has brought you here, watch the short clips below to find out more about stress, anxiety, trauma and iverwhelm and see if any of them resonate with you.

Got an idea of what's going on now?  Click below to see how to work with me and feel great again!

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