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I’m Heather and I work with people to help them bring the colour back into lives that have become muted, finding their own truth and centre, so they have balance and joy in their lives.


Do you ever wonder what life’s all about?  Do you feel like something is lacking, maybe disconnected from those around you?  Maybe you’re just plodding through life, going through the motions of the daily tasks and toll.  Or maybe you're on the edge, always waiting on that next thing that will make everything better, or everything complete - the new job, the promotion, the house, the car?  If you’re saying yes to any of this, you may also put others' needs before your own, have trouble saying no or maybe lack boundaries with those who surround you?  


Self Centered is for you! 


If you feel you have lost your voice, or lost your way this programme will help you reconnect deep within yourself,  acknowledging your own true needs and wants, and help you take easy steps and actions to bring the colour back into your life.  Whether you’re busy with life, or business, we’ll help you find the passion again, prioritise what needs to happen and plan out the steps to find joy and balance in all that you do.


Delivered online over 8 sessions (2 daytime 30 minute sessions, and 6 evening 90 minute sessions) with replays available, this life changing course fits around you and all the things that currently keep you too busy to work on the importance of your true happiness - you know that voice or rhetoric that plays through our minds - the one that says we CAN’T do that, we MUST do this?  Set it aside and know that THIS programme helps you move past and quieten that voice that holds you back.


From our Initial 30 minute onboarding coaching session we’ll really begin to delve into you - Who you are and Why you’re here. These are the two simplest and biggest questions that are sometimes the hardest to answer, but as we move through the 6 group zoom sessions (running Thursday evenings, 8.30-10pm) we’ll find support in a wonderful community to work towards answers whilst releasing beliefs, setting boundaries and understanding what it truly means to thrive in this modern world with all the expectations we place ourselves, or we allow others to place on us and we’ll move from a place of people pleasing and pain to a place of confidence in your own voice, your own needs and how you’re going to get to where you want to be - wherever that is.  


Because, it all starts from WITHIN!


From previous cohorts of this group layering one to one work, group work, plus lifetime access to the online programme packed with workbooks, prompts, reminder videos and replays has been proven time and again to be a truly impactful way to make changes to your life and begin to LIVE again in a way that’s sustainable to you.

What will we learn:


Ways to connect within

breathwork, movement, stillness, natural cycles and more

Ways to quieten the mind

hypnotherapy, fear release, and in-depth work on our belief, stress and anxiety systems

Ways to trust your inner voice

find quiet and solace with yourself, build your confidence in your intuition, set goals from your heart, and take impactful action to change YOUR life 

And how to make LASTING changes to get the life you want


When do we start?


The first one to one sessions will be held throughout the days on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd November (time slots to suit you), with the group calls starting Thursday 3rd November at 8.30pm and running every for 6 weeks.  Our final re-cap one to one sessions will be held 4th and 5th January to check in and see how you are doing.


How much time do I need?


We’ll have 2 x 30 minute sessions on zoom that are just for you - our Initial Session before we start and our Round-up/Next-Steps session once we’re done.


We’ll have 6 x 90 minute group zoom sessions, with replays made available the following day.


You’ll have access to the online workbook and programme which you can view and work through on all devices in your own time - during the programme timeline or after we finish - it’s up to you!

How do I sign up?


It’s simple - you click the link below, select to sign up, choose your payment method (pay in full for £295, spread across 3 months at £99 per month, or spread across 6 months at £49per month) and you’re in!  You’ll be sent an email welcome pack with a link to book in your onboarding session and all the other details.


I can’t wait to welcome you in!


Heather x

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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